Botanical Sucking Pest Composition

Osthole, Berberine

Benefit of ASTRA

For control of all types of Sucking Pests like White Fly, Aphids & Jassid

1.)We offer ASTRA. For effective control of sucking pests like leaf miner, aphides and Jasside. It is an innovative product based on antifeedant concept. It controls suck pests by starvation.

2.)ASTRA is a new revolutionary Organic product is specially effective against sucking pest like White fly, Aphid, Jassid, and Other sucking pest with High concentration of Wild plant oils and salt of fatty acid with necessary plant growth regulator


Mode of action

Immediate feeding inhibition, reduction in fecundity and breeding ability of existing pests.

Main Targeted pest

Jassids and White fly, Aphids, and other soft bodied sucking pests.


Astra in good quality Mix 20 ml per 15Ltr of water and stir well. Use the spray solution the same day of preparation. Spray both sides of the leaves very well for excellent result.Repeat application after 8-10 days. Spray Dynamite early morning or at the time of sunset for good effect.

Main crops

Tea, Vegetables, Cotton & all Crops.

Main customer benefits

No residues of active detected in ASTRA trials three days after application suggesting PHI (Pre Harvest Interval) of 1 (One) day.

Available in packing:

20ml (All packing are available) also 200 Ltr Drum

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