Ensure Grow



Humic Acid 90%, Fulvic Acid based + Natural Amino Acid

Benefits of ENSURE GROW

1.)Growth helps to increases the uptake of nutrients & chlorophyll synthesis in plants. It also activates processes in plants thus resulting in growth

2.)Seed Germination and Plant Growth Rates of Speed is more Power

3.)To Seed treatments. To Develop roots of the growing plant. Improve seeds emergences.


4.)These crop protectors are widely used to improve the growth of the plants. Also, these protectors minimize the free radicals from the plants. It Can be Used for all Varieties of crops.

5.)It provides all essential nutrients and elements for the balanced growth of crops. It stimulates flowering and overall growth of crops.

6.)Provides additional energy for better yield.


Ensure Grow in good quality Mix 2 to 3 Gram per 15 Ltr of water and stir well. Use the spray solution the same day of preparation. Spray both sides of the leaves very well for excellent result.Repeat application after 8-10 days. Spray Dynamite early morning or at the time of sunset for good effect.

Recommended for

All Crops

Available in packing:

10gm/20gm (All packing are available) also 25 Kg.

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