1.)Addition of organic maltery to organically deficient soil, increase root , volatility, improved nutrient uptake, increase chlorophyll synthesis.

2.)Better seed germination .Increased fertilizer retention. stimulate beneficial microbial activity for healthier plant & improved yield.

3.)Due to natural basic element contain in SHAKTIZYME the leaves and roots of the plant develops grater absorbing power. As a result the plants grow up quickly, more densely, more healthy, covering order radius.


4.)By use of SHAKTIZYME plant roots develop speedily and plant attain substantial growth in short time.

5.)Retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and reduce their leaching.

6.)SHAKTIZYME improve the soil fertility, increase plant root growth and metabolism, enhance seed germination.

7.)Reduces fertilizer application and make optimum use of nutrients and water.

8.)Stimulate plant growth and increases yields and quality.


growth and flowering stimulant for root developing.


Everzyme in good quality 5 kg per acre and stir well. Use the spray solution the same day of preparation. Spray both sides of the leaves very well for excellent result. Repeat application after 25 days. Spray Dynamite early morning or at the time of sunset for good effect.

Recommended for

Any field crops, fruit crops and horticultural crops.

Available in packing:

5 kg per acre.

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