Botanical Larvicide Composition

Eugenol, Plumbagine, Daturine, Diluents & Emulsifier

Benefits of SPECTA

A SPECTRA is a King of organic Insect Killer. It is Used for the Army Worm, Spodoptera, Heliothis, Semilooper etc. Larvae Control of Various type of Diseases of the Crop from its use is excessive increase in Resistance.

It act as contact and stomach poison for the insect. It blocks the synthesis and release of molting hormones.

stops feeding and eating and insect becomes dies. It is act as potent insect anti feedant. This unique combination of organic and herbal extracts is highly effective for removing pest and larva from the crops.


1.)Feeding of SPECTRA makes anesthetic effect, so worms cannot feed anything and leads to death.

2.)SPECTRA creates systemic effect on plant.

Main Target pest

Spodoptera, heliothis, semi lopper, fruit and shoot borer, bollworm, armyworm. Diamond black moth etc.


spectra in good quality Mix 20 ml per 15Ltr of water and stir well. Use the spray solution the same day of preparation. Spray both sides of the leaves very well for excellent result.Repeat application after 8-10 days. Spray Dynamite early morning or at the time of sunset for good effect.

Main crops

all Crops, Tea, Vegetables & Cotton.

Available in packing:

20ml (All packing are available) also 200 Ltr Drum

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